Our objective

 To motivate and encourage people for better and satisfied life.
 To help and sponsor poor people with food, clothes ect.
 To help and sponsor old age people by midday meal, groceries to enable them to get timely food.
 To empower youth and provide vocational/ skill development trainings for sustainable livelihoods.
 To prevent malnutrition and promote nutritional diet among children, adolescents and women.
 To create unity, integrity and communal harmony.
 To promote adult & informal education among rural masses.
 To help youth to in finding better employment.

In carrying out this mission and objectives, the Trust:

 Convenes groups of people to identify emerging issues of importance to the region and to areas of mutual interest.
 Promotes the sharing of ideas and networking of individuals and organizations among its constituencies and beyond.
 Encourages thoughtful and purposeful stewardship and investment of resources by individuals, families, and foundations in the areas of Trust concern.
 Serves its constituencies through strategic grant making and enrichment program initiatives that advance the missions, build capacity, and increase the effectiveness of organizations consonant with the Trust’s mission.

We are

WPAJT (World Peace & Adhyatma Jyotish Trust) was formed in 2000 and is registered under 80G-12(A) of Indian Law. Founded to spread peace...Read more

Way To Fortune

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