All about guruji Kumaran Swami Ji

Shree Kumaran Swami Ji


During post graduation We realized that lots of people suffer from various tensions and stress. We was one of them. Wedecided to devote my life for the welfare of human being and to ensure that We meditated for the self realization and started propagating a theory of Ravansanhita, a study with objective of prevailing upon the mind and soul of the body and purification thereof. This was totally for my own enlightenment.

My first attempt was to attend the religious functions and helped in performing religious ceremonies And decided to eradicated unknown fears and falling into the traps of “EVIL SPRITS” which is Prevailing in India on poor uneducated rural area and not people knowing where to go for solace.  I guided them that  the peace comes from within and not from outside world.

My first direct link with various religious heads and other sects of Hinduism came about 20 years ago.About 20 years back WE performed our first religiuls ceremony  and donated about 10,000 blankets to the poor and the needy ones in Mumbai and other states like Uttapradesh and Bihar where the beliefs are so variant that ther was not a unity in the same sects and same beliefs.

We further took my a very strong step in eradicating blind faiths by organizing public meetings and dialogues with community heads both within India and abroad.  This efforts gave me International exposure as well understanding different cultures and different beliefs.  This further opened venuesTo go out of my way to help create  understanding of myself and also of loving people who are Destitute  and unloved ones.

Such activities brought me on the threshold of deep studies of Jyotish and Vastu shastra and this scientific way of living had great impact on the personal matters of the individuals In their daily life, family life and society in general.  This propagation of my studies later on became the “THE NEW WAY OF LIVING” IT,s called" KARMA THEORY" 

Extra Qulifications

Jyotish Shahstra does not change luck but it forewarns of the impending woes and avoid follies.  Whereas Vastu Shahstra decides the modifications of the lifestyle, the way our own houses are decorated and the way we begin to look at life with different perspective. Both Jyotish and Vastu Shastra are both sciences as old as Indian culture and about 4000 years old. Most of the Indian temples are based upon vastu shastra.  Pyramids in Egypt are based on the principles of PRISM and mumuification is based on pure chemistry. 

We have no choice to accept these monuments as facts based on science and engineering of that age. On these subjects I have presided upon 600 programmers and about 400 programmes "WAY TO FORTUNE " were designed for peace and love among various societies and communities.  This was my major achievement that I brought them on one platform and pray together.  Nearly 30 years of study of Jyotish Shahtra has given me confidence and I inspired confidence in my devotees.

Work experience.

Today We have vast followers within India and outside India.  It is my Endeavour to spread the message of peace and love across the East and West.  Our followers are demanding thatWe should Personally meet them and they in turn assured me to follow love and peace with more gusto and power.

I created a trust for the medical and spiritual help and my work is recognized by the Charity Commissioner of and registered our trust as "WORLD PEACE & ADHYATMA JYOTISH TRUST" (REG 80G)

My work and efforts are recognized and many leading newspapers have printed my interviews and my thinking towards religion, welfare of the society and how to come out stress and enjoy peaceful living.


Immense satisfaction is derived when my efforts to spread love, peace and harmony amongst various societies were recognized by awarding me several awards for Social work and welfare of the societies.  During this function A TITLE OF GURUJEE was conferred upon me.

In the society I have brought structural changes like eradication of child marriages, abortions and destruction of girl fetus and had held seminars on the above subjects with the head of the various communities, explaining social responsibilities of our cultural, moral and social obligations. When the seminar was held with elite class like doctors, lawyers, religious heads and so called reformist I was given huge applaud and unanimously supported my efforts by joining me to achieve my goal of peaceful co-existence.

We think my greatest achievements came when  leaders of various religion including followers of Buddhism, Muslim community and  and various sects of Hindu mythology followers.  They understood the need of the hour and agreed to spread brotherhood.

The need of the hour is to think in terms of human kindliness, peace among societies, and above all refrain from making a religion a key issue but change the key issue to spread harmony, tranquility and spread peace and love.

To achieve this goal I am appealing to all likeminded people and my audience to help the destitute, poor, and uncared children and women of the down trodden members of the societies living in pathetic conditions and poverty. We will feel that our life is worth living when the awareness of peaceful living, free from stress and tensions Among the fellow members of all communities this truth is  genuinely understood.  Every living being whether on earth, in water and in air or in agni(fire) is but a creation of God and that each living being has a soul and hence  to be treated as living form of God. 

This can be achieved when starting from human being  we begin to respect each other and not become selfish or materialistic.  The entire human race is moving towards unspecified goal, running towards nowhere and reaching nowhere.  The value of life is not understood.  This life is for the purification of soul and folly of thinking is that people learn and teach religion to spread hated among various religions, societies and national and international community instead  for the creation welfare of the society and make a better citizens with social responsibility.

The egocentric predicament lies with heads of the governments and not with the people.  The transformation of political thinking towards better life which should be full of love, respect and above all care for each other. When this becomes our objective and goal to achieve there will be no need for Human Rights commission.