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WPAJT (World Peace & Adhyatma Jyotish Trust )

WPAJT (World Peace & Adhyatma Jyotish Trust) was formed in 2000 and is registered under 80G-12(A) of Indian Law. Founded to spread peace and harmony all over the world, our trust is contributing to remove disharmony in the world by helping people. Adhyatma means spirituality.

Spirituality can refer to an ultimate or an alleged immaterial reality, an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of their being. Spirituality helps to improve self well being. Our trust conducts events to guide people to improve self well being by providing knowledge about adhyatma and by spreading spirituality for their advancement.Read more


The trust mission is basically focused and designed keeping in mind 21st century human beings, the main aim of the trust is to spread happiness and self ...Read more

Way To Fortune

Trust organizes a programme named as”Way To Fortune” .This programme was made by the trustees for motivating people about their aim in life.....Read more



During post graduation We realized that lots of people suffer from various tensions and stress. We was one of them. We decided to devote my life for the welfare of human being and to ensure that We meditated for the self realization and started propagating a theory of Ravansanhita, a study with objective of prevailing upon the mind and soul of the body and purification thereof. This was totally for my own enlightenment.

My first attempt was to attend the religious functions and helped in performing religious ceremonies And decided to eradicated unknown fears and falling into the traps of “EVIL SPRITS” which is Prevailing in India on poor uneducated rural area and not people knowing where to go for solace. I guided them that the peace comes from within and not from outside world....Read more